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Z Casa, designed by Zaid Zubi


A breathtaking residential project currently under construction in the hills of Amman, Jordan. Boasting stunning 180-degree views of the surrounding landscape, including oak trees that are over 400 years old, this modern home is set to be completed in September – October 2023.

The first floor's open area, spanning 350 square meters, encompasses a modern kitchen, dining and living room, family TV room, and a master suite and two bedrooms in a secluded area. Meanwhile, the ground floor (166 square meters) is a private residential area featuring a master suite, art studio, gym, and a staff living area. 

The outdoor cantilever deck, measuring 186 square meters, is connected to the first floor and includes a pool and jacuzzi that capture the stunning views of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. 

With its unique design and spectacular location, Z Casa is set to be an architectural marvel once completed.


The outdoor cantilever deck, measuring 186 square meters, is connected to the first floor and includes a pool and jacuzzi that capture the stunning views of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. With its unique design and spectacular location, Casa Z is set to be an architectural marvel once completed.


Spa and Resort

Boutique Hotel
Amman - Jordan

The project design and concept was to cater to medical patients and families visiting from the GCC and other neighboring Gulf countries.


While demonstrating an architectural modern look and feel, one of the key highlights of the design includes a privacy sliding blind in the suites that would allow sunlight to come into the room whilst maintaining the privacy and comfort of lodging guests.


Planned leasable areas for leisure or food and beverage have been incorporated into the design at the ground and roof level of the structure to include an outdoor poll and theater.

Bus. Center


Business Center 

Manama - Bahrain

H360 Business Center is the GCC’s leading provider of executive offices and workplace solutions, with products and services ranging from fully equipped offices to professional meeting rooms, business lounges and the largest network of video conferencing studios.


H360 caters to growing small and medium businesses that benefit from outsourcing their office and workplace needs to H360 allowing them to focus on their core business.

H360 is strategically located in the heart of the newly developed $1.4 billion master-planned Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH).


H360 currently occupies the 11th floor, East tower, with stunning views of the Bahrain harbour and an area of approximately 1,700 square meters consist ing of 75 professionally serviced offices, 13 virtual desk, conference and meeting rooms, VIP lounges, overnight sleeping cabins with showers.



Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
Manama - Bahrain

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was established by Legislative Decree No. 48 of 2002 promulgating the Telecommunications Law.


In a collaborative effort, the KRISTAL Team worked directly with TRA executives on a classic aesthetic that not only captured the client’s end goals but also stayed within budget guidelines. For this reason, various elements of the project were a result of the owner’s personal preferences mixed with budget friendly options.


The project consisted of two floors, housing roughly 75 employees. The space consists of a reception area, two conference rooms, an open office work area where everyone, including the senior executives, sit together. Each area was designed for one specific carpeting added character while complimenting the building’s history. The square footage helped create a sense of intimacy throughout. From start date to completion, the total duration of the project was six months.



Manama, Bahrain

CrediMax is the first credit card issuer in Bahrain. ​CrediMax is fully owned by Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait. It operates as a card issuing company of major international cards as Visa and MasterCard.

Kristal provided CrediMax with the following services:

1. Space Planning services including detailed     schematic floor plans.

2. Corporate Image Development to convey the corporate identity.

3. Interior Design to guide the client in the selection of materials, colors and textures used in furniture systems, floor coverings, lighting, signage and other interior elements.

4. Project Management services.



Residential Project
Amwaj island - Bahrain

Our residential projects reflect an interest in modern living and a desire to connect our clients to the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.


We make extensive use of glazing systems to maximize views and provide a warm light filled contemporary space. We strive for simplicity and an openness to the surrounding landscape that erodes the division between indoor and outdoor spaces; homes with an emphasis on texture and natural materials.

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